Russian composers embracing the saxophone

Syrène Saxophone Quartet is throwing a Russian themed party to celebrate the saxophone. Including the beautiful late romantic music of Sergei Rachmaninoff, – one of the first Russian composers to use the saxophone in his symphonic compositions-, and a hidden gem by female composer Elena Firsova.
Alexander Glazunov composed his ‘Canzona Variée’ like it was a string quartet after being struck by the saxophone quartet during his stay in Paris. Syrène will now give her own interpretation of this masterpiece of the saxophone literature.

The grand finale is Modest Mussorgsky’sPictures at an Exhibition’. This piece is best known in the orchestration by Maurice Ravel, in which Ravel used the alto saxophone. In Syrènes own transcription of Mussorgsky’s masterpiece all recourses will be used by using eight saxophones!

Saksofon I Rossii can be seen as a toast to Glazunov’s 150th birthday. He was one of the leading Russian composers really to embrace the saxophone. NAZDROVJE!

Alexander Glazoenov (1865-1936), Saxophone Quartet Op. 109 (1932) – II Canzona variée
Variation I
Variation II
Variation III (à la Schumann)
Variation IV (à la Chopin)
Variation V (Scherzo)

Elena Firsova (1950,-), Far away (1991)

Sergei Rachmaninov (1873-1943), Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini Op. 43 (1934) (arr. A. Kleinpenning)

Modest Moessorgski (1839-1881), Pictures at an Exhibition (1874) (arr. A. Kleinpenning)
1. Gnomus (The Gnome)
2. Il vecchio castello (Het Old Castle)
3. Tuileries
4. Bydło (Cattle)
5. Balet nevylupivshikhsya ptentsov (The Ballet of Unchatched Chicks in their Shells)
6. Samuel Goldenberg and Schmuÿle
7. Limoges, le marché (The Market at Limoges)
8. Catacombæ (Catacombs)
9. Izbushka na kuryikh nozhkakh (The hut on Fowl’s Legs)
10. V stolnom gorode Kiyeve (The Great Gate of Kiev)