“They’re one of the finest quartets I’ve ever heard. Balance, precision and wonderful tonal blending. They’re out of this world!”

The Syrène Saxophone Quartet is an internationally oriented ensemble. The quartet plays in Belgium, France and Germany on a regular basis, but has also had successful international tours to among others Indonesia, Russia, Canada, Taiwan & China. All members value the opportunity to be on tour, because next to playing in prestigious halls, the quartet loves to ‘dive deeper’ into the country they’re visiting by giving concerts in places that do not come to mind first.

Hidden gem
One of these ‘hidden gems’ is the KW Chamber Music Society in Kitchener – Waterloo: a chamber music series that has been up and running for more than 40 years. Jan Narveson, host of the event (that takes place in his attack which has been transformed into a cozy living room stage) received numerous string quartets from all over the world. The loyal audience who attend concerts almost every week and are real connoisseurs never heard a saxophone quartet before. Our program was diverse to show all facets of the quartet and the saxophone and it was amazing to feel the energy of this audience, sitting on couches and easy chairs, sipping a drink. After our concert, Jan said:

The Syrène Saxophone Quartet arrived late this afternoon, and I have just been listening to them rehearse. I knew they’d be good, but I didn’t realize just HOW good! They are, in short, one of the finest quartets I’ve ever heard (they were trained at a fine string quartet academy – the first non-string foursomes to be taken by them.) For balance, precision, and wonderful tonal blending, they are out of this world! Their Variations on a Theme of Paganini (Rachmaninoff) is worth the price of admission all by itself!

Taiwan & China

In 2019 we visited Taiwan and China for a two week tour with over twelve concerts. Besides the concerts we also got the opportunity to teach. The conservatoire of Macau has a big saxophone class and it was an honour to meet these driven students for whom playing in a quartet is an important element in their studies.
We noticed that our audience is very young in Taiwan and China, probably because of the wind band tradition (which we also have in the Netherlands). We hope to come back soon!